Retirement or Disqualification

Head to Head Matchups
1 full set must be performed for Money Line bets to stand. If less than 1 set is completed, all Money Line bets will be considered void. The winner of this game is that the player declared the victor by the umpire of this match.

Case in point: McEnroe trails 0-6, 0-2 vs Becker and Becker is forced to retire because of injury (or disqualification). All money line bets stand. McEnroe is announced the winner while Becker is deemed the loser. All other bets on the Spread, total, team total and sets betting will be void regardless of current score.

If a player retires prior to the 1st collection is completed, all bets on the match will be considered void.

Case in point: McEnroe leads 2-0 vs Becker who retires due to injury. All bets considered void.

First Set Betting
If the first set isn’t completed because of a participant retirement or disqualification, all bets on the game will be considered void. Such bets will be cancelled and the money refunded. If the first set in a game is finished, the bets are rated and will stand on that line.

Sets Betting
If a tennis game is not completed because of a player retirement or disqualification, all Set betting bets will be considered void. Such bets will be cancelled and the money refunded.

Example: If we provide Player A (-1.5 sets or -2.5 sets ) vs Player B (+1.5 sets or +2.5 sets) the match has to be completed. If the game isn’t completed, bets on this line are void. If we offer Player A to acquire exactly 2 places to 1 or Player B to win exactly 2 sets to 1, then those lines would be canceled and refunded in the case of a retirement as well.

Handicap and Total Games Betting
If a tennis match isn’t completed due to a player retirement or disqualification, all Handicap and Total Games stakes will be considered void, regardless of the score of the match. Such bets will be cancelled and the money refunded.

Proposition Betting
If a tennis match isn’t completed due to a player retirement or disqualification, all proposition bets will be considered void. Such bets will be cancelled and the money refunded, with a few exceptions pertaining to propositions that require the completion of an individual set.


To Win 1st Set (Must Complete 1st Set)
Correct Score of 1st Set (Must finish 1st Set)
Are there a Tie-Break in the Match? (Must complete Set)
For unique propositions on individual games, the official championship website statistics will be used for scoring purposes.


Total Experts by Djokovic vs. Federer in Australian Open semi-final. would be used for grading that proposal.
The time of this game is going to be taken in the official championship’s website. Rain delays are not included in the official period of this game.
Proposition betting for”Who will Last Longer”

Both players must begin the tournament for bets to have action. If both players are eliminated in the same round, bets will be voided.

If both players in a Last Longer proposition reach the final, the winner of the final match will be announced the winner of the proposition.

Yes/No Player to win Proposition

If a bet is posted before the tournament begins, the player should play one point in the tournament to for wager to endure.

If a wager is posted after the tournament has begun, the player must begin his/her next scheduled match for this wager to stand.

Over/Under Season Rankings Props

In order for these props to endure, the participant recorded must start the Australian Open. When they don’t partake in their scheduled 1st round game in the Australian Open, their ranking prop will be cancelled. Once they’ve started the Australian Open then these props are considered”all ” If a participant is injured during the course of this season, these props will nevertheless be rated taking their end of year ATP or WTA ranking. Also, wagering on the under of 3.5 Ranking means a participant finishing the year ranked 1,2 or 3 could be considered a winner. Any position over 3.5 (5, 4, 6 etc.) would be rated as a loss.

Season Grand Slam Propositions

“Will Novak Djokovic win a Grand Slam in 2016″ props are believed”all in.” If a participant is injured and not able to play, the wagers nevertheless endure.

Greater End of year standing Head-to-Head Propositions

In order for all these props to endure, both players should start around 1 of the Australian Open. When they do not partake in their scheduled 1st round game, their standing prop will be cancelled and the monies refunded. As soon as they’ve started the Australian Open, these props are considered”All in” along with the prop will be rated based on each players finish of year ATP/WTA singles standing. The player with the better end of year standing is going to be graded as the winner. By way of example, Novak Djokovic ends the year ranked 25th in the ATP rankings and Andy Murray ends the year ranked 15th, Andy Murray will be graded as the winner as he’s the higher ranking at the conclusion of the season.

Team Total Betting
If a game ends with a player retirement, the staff total bets for each individual participant will be voided and graded as no action. A match must be performed for group total bets to be graded as action.

If one of these players doesn’t begin the game, or championship, all team complete bets connected with this particular game will be graded as no action.

Delay or Suspension
If a tennis game is completed, without retirement or disqualification, all wagers stand as written. A delay at the start of a match will not affect the status of wagers, nor will a suspension, so provided that play is resumed and the game completed.

Pro Set
If a match is determined on a Pro Set, instead of the normal length of this game, all wagers are refunded except wagers on the 1st set line and the match money line.

If a match plays a super tie-break as or has been changed to having a super tie-break, then all wagers will be reimbursed on that game except for the 1st set winner along with cash line winner. The 1st set winner and cash line winner will have actions and will be rated as normal.

Futures (Ante article ) Betting
All futures (Ante article ) bets have action. If a player draw before a tournament starts, or retire through a championship, bets on that player to win the tournament lose.

When setting a Parlay in Tennis, each round within precisely the exact same tournament is handled as a separate league.

Change of Venue or Playing Surface
All bets stand regardless of any kind of venue, court surface, changing from indoors to outdoors and vice versa.

Davis and Federation Cup
Davis Cup or Federation Cup wagers on the”Twist” are for that nation to progress to the next round. Be aware that each Tie consists of five rubbers (“games”). The winner of the Tie is the nation that wins more of the five rubbers from the Tie.

In the event a match doesn’t go the specified number of sets, and the game is shortened by tournament officials, the chief decided to be official by tournament officials are the winner.

Example: A game is scheduled for 5 sets, but only 3 sets could be played because of weather. The chief at the end of 3 sets would be announced the winner of this game. All wagers are refunded except wagers on the 1st set winner line and money line.

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